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Welcome to East Highlands Ranch MHOA, The Place to Live in the Inland Empire. We are a community of 2475 residences, including single family homes, condos, and town homes. We have a lot to offer families of all ages.
Our amenities include a catch and release Lake, swimming pools, wading pools, spas, tennis courts, a basketball court, walking track, softball field, and numerous walking trails.
East Highlands Ranch - A safe and beautiful family-friendly community
To create a premier community through resident engagement, prudent stewardship of community resources, and positive homeowner experience.
Emergency Contacts
24 HOUR GUEST PARKING909-425-3974 or cso@easthighlandsranch.com
(open Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm)

East Highlands Ranch Response to Covid-19 Pandemic
Posted on Mar 17th, 2020
We hope and trust that all Ranch residents are safe and secure during this uncertain period.  In accordance with state and federal guidelines, and after consultation with your Board of Directors, in order to balance the safety of the Ranch staff with the ongoing maintenance of critical operations on behalf of the members, we are taking the following steps, effective at 3 p.m. today:
·         The Resident Support Center (7136 Club View Drive) and the Community Service Office (6892 Cloverhill Drive) will be closed for face-to-face operations.  Staff will continue to work, but transactions with staff should be handled as follows:
o   If you have non-ACH assessments or other payments to make, please deposit them in the small white mailbox just outside the Resident Support Center front door.  If you want a receipt, please note that request on the envelope or on a slip of paper attached to the check or money order, and we will mail it to you. THIS INCLUDES PAYMENTS FOR ANY VIOLATIONS…Please leave them in the Resident Support Center mailbox, not at the Community Service Office.
o   If you have any Modifications applications or related paperwork to drop off, there will be a box located just outside the front door of the Resident Support Center…please leave them there.  There will be a telephonically held Modifications meeting this Thursday (March 19), but future Mod meetings may be suspended at this time.  If you have a Modification that can’t wait for a future approval, please contact the office at (909) 425-3971 to discuss.
o   If you need to contact staff, please call the Resident Support Center at (909) 864-0215 or email: msa@easthighlandsranch.com or the Community Services Office at (909) 864-3190, email: cso@easthighlandsranch.com.  We are also available by text or fax.  Please call us for those contact points.  If a face-to-face meeting is determined to be absolutely necessary, an appointment can then be made as appropriate.
o   If you need an activities card, please call the office and we will arrange that for you.  Cards will be delivered to your door at 4 p.m. each day.  If you need a new photo, you can provide one via email.  If we need to take that photo for you, we will have to do that at a future point…this can be discussed with staff by phone.
·         The facilities (pools and spas, tennis courts, walking trails, etc.) will remain open and available at this time, as they should provide some interim relief for those residents who may decide to shelter in place.
·         All Ranch events (i.e. Easter Egg Hunt) are cancelled until further notice.
·         All private events scheduled for any Ranch facility or common area from now until April 12 are either cancelled or postponed, depending on the arrangement made by the booking member with the Activities Department.  All monies collected for events that are cancelled will be refunded.  Please contact the Activities Department at (909) 425-3973 or email:
activities@easthighlandsranch.com for further details, or if you have a booking.  This April 12 date may be extended further out based on the progress of the virus and its prospects for containment.  At this time, it would be prudent for those members with private events using Ranch facilities at any time in the month of April to strongly consider postponing or cancelling such events, as forced cancellations until May are likely to occur, as federal CDC recommendations discouraging gatherings of 50 or more run until the beginning of May at this point.  We will advise you of any extension to the April 12 deadline if, and as soon as, it is determined to be necessary.
·         For the protection of all, please maintain a 10-foot separation from our Community Service Officers and our contractors (i.e. landscapers and other workers) whose jobs require them to be on site and outside.
·         There will be no Covenants Committee or Financial Monitoring Committee meetings during March and April.  The March 25 Board meeting is cancelled, and the April 29 Board meeting, if held, is likely to be limited to an executive session and be handled telephonically.
We are saddened to have to implement these measures but we feel it is the best interests of all, in order to have the best chance of avoiding a situation where a staff member tests positive and then the rest of the staff winds up in a quarantine situation.  Please realize that we have total support from our divisional office of the Management Trust in Palm Desert as well as our corporate office in Tustin, and we have no doubt that we’ll be able to conduct all necessary business on behalf of the Ranch without a hitch.  I want you to know that we have the best interests of our members at the core of all that we do here, and that we are committed to continue to do our very best during this trying time.  Please contact us with any questions or concerns that you have with the foregoing.
Gary Leobold, CCAM®, CMCA, AMS | General Manager
Gary Leobold
General Manager
East Highlands Ranch MHOA

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